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You probably have a store of food and other products in a safe place somewhere, but do you know when it expires? Fresh Reminders helps you track all those pesky expirations dates, on anything from grain to shampoo. Get started by typing in your first item to track right here, and we'll email you before it goes bad!

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Add your food storage items to your Fresh Reminders account.

Just set it and forget it!

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Receive an email a few months before your food is set to expire.

Never be caught unaware.

Step 3:

Rotate your expiring items, let Fresh Reminders know, and you're set!

The easiest way to practice real rotation.

Don't let food go to waste

It can be hard work to gather a solid storage of food and supplies, but all to easy to put it in the basement and forget about it. And food in 72 hour kits and three month supplies can go bad in as little as a year. We don’t want your investment of time and money to go to waste. With Fresh Reminders, for less than the cost of a bucket of wheat, you can assemble your food storage and then safely forget about it as we send you reminders before any of your items expire.

Food storage far away? Use the Log to make life easier!

Download the Food Storage Log hereYour computer is probably not sitting right next to your food storage, but don't let that keep you from adding in your items and expiration dates! Print out the Fresh Reminders Food Storage Log and take it with you into your basement to quickly jot down all of your items and expiration dates. It makes adding things to your Fresh Reminders account easy, and can even serve as a last-resort backup in case your computer is unavailable.

Download the Log. (Requires a PDF viewer: Windows – Mac OS X: Built-in)

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